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Finite element interfaces - overview

Zencrack's crack growth prediction capabilities require a "change in strain energy" facility within the finite element code OR the use of nodal displacements to calculate stress intensity factors. Hence Zencrack can, in theory, interface to any finite element code if using the displacement based method. Each copy of Zencrack Standard or Professional may be licensed with one or more of the available finite element interfaces.

Zencrack has interfaces to:

  • Abaqus/Standard - tested with versions up to and including Abaqus 2018
  • Ansys/Mechanical APDL - tested with versions up to and including Ansys 19.2
  • NX Nastran - tested with versions NX Nastran 10.0, 11.0 and 12.0 (earlier versions are not supported)

Some capabilities are available in limited form in some of the finite element interfaces:

  Abaqus Ansys NX Nastran
Energy based j-integral method Yes Yes (1) Yes (2)
Automatic generation of contact on the crack faces Yes (3) Yes (3) No
Transition elements around large crack-blocks Yes Yes No
Output of 20 noded target CB elements as 8 noded elements Yes Yes No
User defined growth direction Yes No No
Restrictions on the use of some crack-blocks No Yes (4) No

1. J-integral evaluation in Ansys requires Ansys version 11.0SP1 or later.
2. The interface to NX Nastran requires NX Nastran version 10.0 or later. Solution types SOL101 and SOL401 are supported. J-integral calculation requires SOL401 capability in NX Nastran.
3. Some manual effort is required in symmetry models, but fully automatic in full models.
4. Some crack-blocks contain elements that are collapsed in a way that some Ansys versions do not permit (for further details refer to this crack-block restrictions section).

Licensing of the finite element code(s)

The finite element package is not supplied with Zencrack and must be licensed from the appropriate supplier.

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