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Licensing for Zencrack is available on a license server or nodelocked basis:

  • License server
    The license server is installed on a specified computer. The Zencrack program may be installed and executed on any computer that has access to the license server across a network. At run-time the Zencrack job attempts to check out license tokens from the license server and the job runs provided that tokens are available. If insufficient tokens are available because another job is running, the job can be queued until tokens are available. The total number of available license tokens controls the number of concurrent jobs that can be executed.
  • Nodelocked
    The program will only execute on the specified computer listed in the license file.

For either method, a license file must be installed to run Zencrack. This file is sent to users via e-mail. In order to create a license file we require a variety of information, including:

  • The required finite element interface(s) for the installation
  • For nodelocked licenses: The required version of Zencrack - Standard or Professional.
    (A professional licence also allows Standard runs.)
  • For license server installations: The total number of license tokens - one token is required to run a Standard job and three tokens are required to run a Professional job
  • Information about the target machine

In order to collect all of the required data, a program called machine_id.exe must be used. This program should be run on the target Zencrack machine (the nodelocked machine or the license server). The program generates a file called zencrack.txt in the location in which the program is saved. This file should be sent to Zentech. The machine_id program is installed in the machine_id folder of the Zencrack program installation and is also installed with the RLM license server files. The program can also be downloaded from the links further down this page.

In the case of Windows laptop PCs which may have multiple network cards, the program should be run with the laptop configured in the way that it will be used with Zencrack. Note that a laptop may shutdown the network adapter to conserve power when running off a battery. You should configure your system to prevent this as per the system documentation.

Full details of the supported platforms is available here.

machine_id program for Windows (x86-32 and x86-64)

  • Save the file in a folder on the target machine
  • Extract the two executables machine_id.exe and rlmutil.exe
  • Double-click the machine_id executable to run it
  • Answer the questions to generate the zencrack.txt file

machine_id program for Linux (x86-64)

  • Save the file in a directory on the target machine
  • Extract the executable file machine_id.exe and rlmutil
  • Ensure the files both have execute status
  • Run the machine_id executable from a terminal window using ./machine_id.exe
  • Answer the questions to generate the zencrack.txt file

License file for the downloadable Zencrack Evaluation Version

The downloadable Evaluation Version of Zencrack which is available here must be configured as a nodelocked installation using a special evaluation license file. You do not need to follow the procedures above to send us information about your machine when using this evaluation version. Instead you should follow the instructions on the Evaluation Version download page. These instructions include information on obtaining an evaluation license file.

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