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Pipeline performs fast 3D static, non-linear stress analysis of various situations encountered during offshore pipeline installation and operation.

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The Pipeline program provides a static analysis capability for specific offshore pipeline installation tasks:

  • pipe laying using a barge with stinger or ramp
  • pipe lifting or pulling operations
  • pipe towing
  • pipe spanning on an irregular seabed
  • pipe installation start-up, recovery and abandonment procedures.

Current may be applied from any direction together with axial and lateral seabed friction. In addition, cables and buoys can be positioned at any point along the pipe.

Pipeline can assist the pipeline engineer at any stage during the design of a pipeline operation and can even be used on-board to give fast assessment of the effect of changing key parameters on the pipeline stress distribution and pipeline position.

Key controlling parameters for each application have been identified and the user may change these parameters and restart from a previous analysis. This is useful for performing parametric studies (e.g. the effect of applied end tension on sag bend stress in a pipe lay analysis) or for fine-tuning a complex operation (e.g. the effect of changing cable tensions in a lifting operation).

A more general static and dynamic analysis capability is provided by the Zenriser software.

Pipeline runs on PCs with a Windows operating system.

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