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  2. Structural Integrity Management

Structural Integrity Management

We specialise in Structural Integrity Management (SIM), codified advance integrity analysis and studies for all stages of asset’s life cycle, from design to life extension of an ageing asset.

Refinery piping

We determine asset’s remaining useful life, provide guidelines to extend the service life, offer cost effective solutions to keep our client’s assets compliant with all regulatory requirements relating to health, safety and environment issues and ensure optimal performance throughout the assets’ life cycle. Many years of experience in research, development and practical field activities underpins our strength which is enhanced by our link with Brunel University’s abundance of expertise and technical infrastructure. Expert and experienced engineering teams, state-of-the art technologies, access to numerous subject experts and innovative methodologies are the foundation of our strength.

We work closely with the client’s engineers for improved availability. Our services are backed by current research to ensure technical integrity throughout the entire asset life cycle. Our unique blend of asset integrity engineering and current research delivers optimal solution to Asset Integrity Management problems.