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Bugs found since the date of release of Zencrack v7.1 are listed on this web site in reverse chronological order. Bugs that are listed may be relevant to one or more of program versions 7.0 and later.

Each published Zencrack bug is assigned a reference number. The program version in which a fix has been included is given for those bugs which are fixed. If a bug applies to specific program versions only, those versions are noted; if no versions are listed, the bug applies to all versions up to the fixed version. Where appropriate a workaround suggestion is given. "Missing" numbers in the bug list sequence relate to internal Zentech references generated during development which are not relevant to release versions of Zencrack.

The listed items include:

  • incorrect option behaviour (i.e. input options are not used as documented)
  • incorrect analysis output (i.e. the analysis is correct but some aspect of output may be incorrect or misleading)
  • incorrect analysis results (i.e. calculated analysis results may be incorrect for the given input data)

Minor issues that are of no significant consequence are not listed. For the Zencrack GUI any issues related to interactive behaviour that may cause a traceback in the GUI are not included. Release notes for a version may, however, include information about these minor and interactive items.

Two lists are provided:

  • a summary of known issues that are unresolved in the latest release version
  • a list of all bugs meeting the criteria given above.

Sometimes issues arise as a result of changes in the interfaced finite element code versions that are released after a Zencrack release (for example if the version number scheme of the finite element code is changed). These issues are not classed as bugs and information for this type of issue can be found on the appropriate finite element interface support pages.

Zencrack Support

Bug List

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