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Zentech has always recognised the benefit of consultancy services to the ongoing development of successful proprietary software in addition to the need to provide bespoke software solutions when required.

Cloud consultancy software

Zentech has developed a number of engineering application software programs, including Zencrack, ZenRiser, and Pipeline for varied applications:

  • Zencrack: Develops focussed finite element meshes at crack tips and evaluates fracture mechanics parameters (e.g. stress intensity factor, energy release rate). The software uses these parameters to carry out 3D crack propagation simulations, assessment of crack initiation fracture toughness, residual life prediction, and to help create failure assessment diagrams. A range of loading histories is supported for general fatigue and creep loading systems. The software is interfaced with Abaqus, Ansys, and Simcenter Nastran finite element codes.
  • ZenRiser: Performs non-linear dynamic analysis for design and analysis of flexible riser and umbilical configurations. This also includes installation of large diameter HDPE outfall pipes by a floatout and sink method.
  • Pipeline: Performs fast 3D static, non-linear stress analysis of various situations encountered during offshore pipeline installation and operation. This includes pipe laying using a barge with stinger or ramp.

Consultancy projects leverage these tools as required. In addition, we have experience of bespoke software development for clients to implement specific features within our existing software and to develop stand-alone software for specific tasks.

For multiphysics simulation, the team at PhasePot would be happy to assist you in your research project by examining the microstructure in question and finding ways to improve the process and product.

We can help you in this pursuit by creating a tailor-made software package with special features to address key objectives of your research project.

PhasePot is a user-friendly and versatile tool that you can plug and play on your laptop. However, we can help you with A to Z of microstructure simulation to address your real engineering problems by offering you our consultancy services and help you get the results that you are looking for.

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