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Upgrade, Pricing & Training

Upgrade from evaluation version

If you've already installed the free downloadable evaluation of Zencrack to try it out, upgrading to the "full" version is easy and doesn't require a re-installation.

  • Send us a pricing request.
  • Agree terms e.g.:
    • length of lease
    • type of license required: either licence server (with specified number of tokens) or nodelocked (Zencrack Standard or Professional )
    • the required f.e. interface(s).
  • Send us a purchase order stating your requirements.
  • Run the machine_id program and send us your machine details in a zencrack.txt file.
  • Receive an "interim" license file.
  • Make payment.
  • Receive the "full" license file.

More information about licensing and the machine_id program can be found on the licensing support page.

Request pricing

When requesting pricing, please include the following information if it is available:

  • Your hardware platform and operating system.
  • Finite element interface requirements:
    • Abaqus and/or Ansys and/or Simcenter Nastran.
  • Whether you are interested in a nodelocked license or a license server installation:
    • If license server, how many tokens?
    • If nodelocked, whether Zencrack Standard or Professional.

More information about licensing can be found on the licensing support page.


Zencrack can be used without any up-front training and each installation includes a set of documented examples and a set of step-by-step examples.

As with any new analysis software, however, there are certain learning curves to be overcome. A two or three day training course can be provided to fast-track your use of Zencrack. This is particularly beneficial for short-term leases.

Please contact us if you require additional information on training.

Zencrack training
Zencrack training

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