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Zenriser simulates the dynamic behaviour of single or multiple offshore flexible or rigid riser or pipe systems subject to hydrodynamic loading and vessel motion. It performs 3D static or dynamic analyses and supports many options and features making the program both powerful and user-friendly, including the simulation of floatout and controlled sinking of large diameter HDPE outfall pipes.

Zenriser steep wave snapshot plot

Zenriser can assist at any stage in the development of a riser or pipe system from a feasibility study through conceptual and detailed design to installation and operation. It can be used for preliminary static analysis to determine a system layout (a fast solution scheme which allows efficient determination of system geometry via parametric studies), for global dynamic response analysis to assess overall system response and for detailed dynamic response analysis to design particular components. It can also be used to determine clearances between flexible risers, mooring lines and pipelines.

As well as being able to study conventional single or multiple flexible riser systems (steep-S, lazy-S, steep wave, lazy wave, free hanging), Zenriser can be used to analyse a generalised multiple pipe situation composed of a series of pipes with any change in weight, stiffness or hydrodynamic properties along their lengths and clamped (tie-in) boundary conditions / bend stiffeners or flexjoints / taper joints. Any tethered or untethered subsurface body (buoy or weight) and any distributed buoyancy tanks, collars or clump weights may also be attached to the riser system. The motions of up to 2 vessels may be defined (vessel response, time history, etc.) and applied at any end of any pipe as a boundary condition.

In addition, any external environmental loading may be applied to the system from any direction (single wave, irregular seastate, multi-directional current profile). Contact between the pipe and an irregularly shaped surface may also be analysed and both axial and lateral friction are modelled.

Zenriser runs on PCs with a Windows operating system.

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