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  2. Offshore


Zentech has completed a wide range of projects in the offshore industry from seabed to topside.


Technical assessments, engineering feasibility studies and design audits in the offshore industry have been undertaken for clients such as BP, DTI and Petrobras.

Projects include:

  • preparation of ISO-based Guidance documents for subsea projects for a major operator
  • review of long-distance pipeline capability (Technical/Commercial)
  • integrity analysis and 10-year IRM programme for a nationally-important oil trunkline
  • preparation of operating procedures for terminals
  • technical management of J.I.Ps for development of subsea production systems
  • preparation of design premise for innovative coil tubing application
  • techno-economic assessment for significant financial investment
  • seismic analysis & design assessment
  • dynamic analysis
  • weld strength assessment
  • simulation of installation of large diameter outfall pipes
  • offshore pipeline and riser system design and installation.

Engineering projects have received approval from regulatory agencies, including DnV, ABS, Lloyd's, NPD and Rolls-Royce.

Offshore vessel

Risers & Pipelines

Expertise in pipelines, risers, umbilicals and moorings has been gained through installation and operational engineering projects carried out in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, West Africa and Brazil and includes work at detailed levels (e.g. pressure rating), component levels (e.g. integrity) and trunkline levels (e.g. feasibility /

Our comprehensive service included the design of structures (including topsides and heli-decks), and the analysis of pipe stress, flexible risers, steel pipelines, flowlines, pipeline routing, laying and prevention of upheaval buckling. We have designed and analysed process control systems and pipelines for the petro-chemical, oil and gas, nuclear, water and process industries.

Project work includes:

  • flexible riser system analysis and design to operational, survival or installation conditions
  • flexible flowline analysis and design
  • flexible jumper, spoolpiece, hawser and umbilical analysis and design
  • deep water applications
  • service life assessment
  • assessment of installation procedures and interference between flexibles / subsea components
  • “float and sink” installation of HDPE outfall pipes.

Consultancy work in this area is supported by our proprietary programs Zenriser and Pipeline.