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Vortex Induced Vibration of Flexible Risers

Zentech has carried out extensive work on design and analysis of long flexible slender multi-layered pipes, called unbonded flexible risers. The complex design and highly non-linear behviour of flexible risers coupled with the fact that they undergo types of extreme loadings which are different to those experienced by conventional rigid risers, currently pose many challenges to the offshore industry.

R&D image - riser multi scale modelling

In collaboration with researchers at Brunel University London, we have developed fluid-structural coupled models and numerical procedures for the prediction of dynamic response of flexible risers due to vortex induced vibration (VIV), in cases where accurate simulation of their complex non-linear behaviour is a critical step in the analysis. In the structural simulation, we adopt a multi-scale non-linear finite element procedure which consistently links simulations conducted at a detailed small scale and a large structural scale. The fluid simulation work involves the development of a quasi-three-dimensional fluid code to model the cross flow around the flexible risers. The structural and fluid codes are coupled together by developing an efficient fluid-solid interaction algorithm.

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