Technical features

Zencrack covers a wide range of technical areas including:

  • finite element analysis and meshing
  • crack growth laws
  • integration of crack growth through complex load cycles

This section describes capabilities in some of these technical areas.

Zencrack triangle

Technical features by topic

Finite elements and fracture mechanics

Zencrack couples the finite element method with specific fracture mechanics capabilities.

Meshing procedure

Zencrack provides a general meshing capability to introduce defects into a mesh and to simulate growth of the defects.

Pre and post processing

Zencrack includes a GUI as part of the pre and post processing activities for crack simulation.

Load definition

Zencrack includes a general "load system" methodology to enable simple load cases to complex thremo-mechanical load histories to be included in a simulation.

Analysis types

Zencrack may be used with linear or non-linear finite element models and for stationary or growing cracks.

Material and crack growth data

Zencrack supports temperature dependent material data and a variety of standard forms of fatigue and time dependent crack growth laws.

User subroutines

Zencrack includes a number of user subroutines which may help in more demanding models.

Supported platforms

Zencrack is avalaible for Windows and Linux platforms.

QA & Verfication

Zencrack is developed with emphasis on continuous testing of new and existing features.