3D Crack Analysis Using MSC.Marc

C.Timbrell, G.Cook, R.Chandwani

1st Northern European Technology Conference, Manchester, England, June 7-8 2000

This paper describes software which is interfaced to MSC.Marc for analysis of arbitrary 3D cracks. The software, Zencrack, can be used in three ways:

1. For generating 3D finite element meshes containing multiple crack fronts from a finite element model of an uncracked component.
2. For determining the distribution of the maximum energy release rates and stress intensity factors along crack fronts.
3. For automatically calculating fatigue or sustained load crack growth in a general 3D body under arbitrary loading.

Items 2 and 3 use the results from the LORENZI option of a MSC.Marc analysis. The raw data from this option is processed to calculate energy release rates along the crack front. There are many complex issues to be addressed in 3D crack growth prediction. This paper presents the key concepts of the software implementation and the interface to MSC.Marc.