3D Fracture Mechanics In Ansys

R. Chandwani, M. Wiehahn, C. Timbrell

UK Ansys Conference, Stratford-upon-Avon, England, Nov 15-16 2004

This paper will address methods of performing truly three-dimensional fracture mechanics analyses in ANSYS.
Generally available fracture mechanics techniques and their implementation and use with ANSYS for 3D analysis will be briefly discussed. Techniques include the crack opening displacement (COD) method for LEFM, crack tip opening displacement (CTOD) method for EPFM, and the J-Integral method.
A software implementation using the COD method in conjunction with ANSYS will be presented. This implementation addresses generation of cracked 3D meshes and crack growth prediction. Examples will demonstrate large-scale crack growth under generalised mixed-mode loading and the development of complex 3D crack surfaces.