An FE Simulation Tool For Fracture Mechanics

R. Chandwani, C. Timbrell, M. Wiehahn

International Seminar on "Fatigue, Reliability & Performance Considerations In Design", Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, Jul 14-15 2005

The use of fracture mechanics techniques in the assessment of performance and reliability of structures is on the increase and the prediction of crack propagation of an existing or postulated flaw in a structure plays an important part. A software simulation tool, which uses FEA, has been developed to quantitatively predict the propagation of 3D non-planar cracks through structures. This tool allows calculation of stress intensity factors and energy release rates and can be applied in a variety of commercially important applications. These include design of laboratory experiments, testing and developing advanced materials, assessing the effects of surface treatments and the study of component repairs.