Stress Intensity Factor of Nozzle Corner in Pressure Vessel Under Condition of Thermal and Mechanical Loads

Guang-chen Jiao[1], Ming Cao[2], Rui Shen[2], Zhi-jie Li[1], Chun-lei Ma[1], Chris Timbrell[3]
[1] Consys Group Limited
[2] Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research & Design Institute
[3] Zentech International Limited

18th National Conference on Fatigue and Fracture (NCFF2016), Zhengzhou, China, April 2016

Stress intensity factor (SIF) of nozzle corner in pressure vessel was calculated by using FEA and method of ASME appendix G (2013 section XI) under condition of thermal and mechanical loads. Because the computational formula in ASME appendix G can only be explained in analysis of nozzle structure with specific crack position, but engineering application is limited by using this formula. So the Stress intensity factors of nozzle corner with different crack positions were calculated, the application condition of this method and safety assessment of vessel nozzle were investigated in this paper.