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Compressor Disk Spin Test

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Compressor Disk Spin Test

Crack growth from a bolt hole in a disk model

This example shows the growth of an initially quarter circular corner crack from a bolt hole in a gas turbine compressor disk. The analysis simulates a spin test. The crack grows to a through crack then advances into the structure. The analysis shown below is a single Zencrack analysis in which the initial corner crack grows through the thickness and continues as a through crack. The analysis shown was carried out using Zencrack 7.8-1 with Abaqus 6.12-1.

The analysis is based on data in the first reference listed below. More detailed discussion of the analysis, including the issue of gross plasticity at the bolt hole, is contained in the second reference listed below.

The animations below use displaced plots to help highlight the crack development.

Zencrack example spintest - mesh

Figure 1 - Crack position during the corner crack phase

Zencrack example spintest - growth step 115 mises

Figure 2 - Mises stress part way through the analysis

Zencrack example spintest - profiles

Figure 3 - Calculated crack growth profiles

Zencrack example spintest - growth step 45 filled

Figure 4 - Animation of the crack growing through the disk

Zencrack example spintest - growth step 45 mises cutaway

Figure 5 - Animation showing Mises stress with part of the mesh removed


Prediction Of Crack Growth From Bolt Holes In A Disc
W.Z. Zhuang
International Journal of Fatigue 22 (2000), pg 241-250.

Predicting Large Scale Crack Growth In 3D Finite Element Models
B. Browning, G. Cook, C. Timbrell
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