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Aero Engine Round-Robin Test Cases

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Aero Engine Round-Robin Test Cases

Test cases with non-planar crack growth

This example is based on the specification provided for a round-robin crack growth problem whose results were presented at a session during the ECCM 2010 conference in Paris, France in May 2010. The problem was devised by contributors from Cenaero, Snecma and EDF. The purpose of the round-robin was to investigate the results obtained by different software codes for problems with significant non-planar crack growth. A number of presentations were given at the conference with general agreement in the crack growth predictions.

An overview of the problem, the use of Zencrack to tackle it and the results obtained using Zencrack for two of the load cases are shown in this short video:

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Figure 1 - Slides of problem description, crack growth animations and analysis results