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Quality Assurance and Verification

Zentech operates a quality system based on the guidelines of ISO 9001. The quality system is applied to the complete Zencrack development cycle and customer support. Quality procedures monitor and measure development processes, including configuration management, program and technical documentation, release activities, software fault reports and program enhancements.

Prior to release, a set of QA benchmarks is performed to verify the Zencrack program. The tests consist of more than 1900 analyses. Utility programs are used to perform regression tests against the previously verified version of Zencrack. The programs report differences in results and a percentage verification error margin can be specified so that results falling outside of this margin produce error reports.

Users are invited to report software faults or errors in documentation. A reference is assigned to each fault report to facilitate follow-up progress of bug fixes. We offer hotline and e-mail support for users with a Zencrack maintenance contract. Users may be asked to provide supportive information and possibly to re-run failed analyses with debug options set. The information on how to set the debug options for particular routines in the code will be given by a Zentech support engineer.

Zentech has an open policy of informing the customer of known existing bugs and bug fixes incorporated into a new Zencrack release. If a work-around is available, it will be stated. Support information related to bugs is available here.

As part of the on-going commitment to demonstrate the validity of solutions generated by Zencrack, a Verification Manual is available. This manual compares results from a number of Zencrack analyses against reference solutions. The verification manual is a PDF file and is available upon request.