Evaluation Version

Download Steps

By continuing on this page you have accepted the terms of the evaluation version licence. Please follow the steps below and read the additional notes to access the free evaluation version of Zencrack.

Step 1

In this step you must request an evaluation license file - the link for this step opens a new browser window.

You will receive an e-mail with download links for Windows and Linux installers and a licence file to activate the evaluation program. The e-mail should arrive within minutes of a successful request.

Step 2

To correctly install, set-up and run the program you may wish to refer to the Installation And Execution Manual. This is available as a single pdf file. The Installation And Execution Manual is also included in the Zencrack documentation which you will be able to download once you have the reply e-mail from Step 1.

Step 3

When you receive an e-mail with download links from Step 1, choose the files to download.

When downloading the program and documentation installers your browser may give various warnings about the files. You should make the necessary responses, which vary from browser to browser, to complete the downloads. Additional information can be found on the download help page.


Once downloaded, the Windows system may offer additional cautions when you execute the files. Again you should make the appropriate responses to allow the process to continue.

The installer files are signed executables and show the publisher as Zentech International Limited.

Step 4

Install the software and configure it with the license file obtained via the reply e-mail from Step 1.

When prompted to choose a license type during the installation process you should select "Nodelocked license". You will then be able to locate the license file that you have saved to your hard disk and the file will be placed in the "license" folder of the Zencrack installation.

Additional information for this Evaluation Version

The free evaluation version of Zencrack described on the preceding pages and the evaluation license associated with it have a number of limitations, summarised again below. If you are interested in a trial of the full capacity version which will allow execution with your own models please contact us.

This free evaluation is for Zencrack version 9.4-1 operating in nodelocked mode with an evaluation license file. This permits execution of Zencrack and the Zencrack GUI and allows full execution of the supplied models, subject to the following restrictions:

  • only the supplied models can be run
  • the GUI allows use of all options other than the ability to save input data and run models other than the supplied files
  • Zencrack user subroutines are not allowed
  • to perform analysis of the supplied models either Abaqus, Ansys or Simcenter Nastran must be available on the machine on which the Zencrack evaluation is installed.

The license file must be requested using the link above. Your e-mail reply relating to the license file will also contain the necessary information to download the program and documentation installers. It is not necessary for you to provide any specific machine details about your hardware for this evaluation.

For more information on installing and configuring Zencrack please see the Installation And Execution Manual (see Step 2, above) and the notes reported to the screen during the installation process.

Operating system

The program requires a 64bit Windows operating system (Windows 10 is recommended) or a 64bit Linux operating system.