Analysis Types


A creep analysis of a cracked body may be carried out by generating a cracked mesh with appropriate material definitions and analysis controls. This allows the development of creep strain to be studied in a cracked component.

In the Zencrack interfaces to Abaqus and Ansys it is also possible to evaluate the Ct-integral as a function of time. This allows the steady-state value, C*, to be determined for each node along the crack front. As with j-intergal evaluations, Zencrack produces the necessary input request in the cracked mesh for Ct-integrals and also processes the results of the analysis to help with post-processing.

Zencrack creep 1

External mesh of reheater drum and stub

Zencrack creep 3

Ct integral along the crack front at time 1e6 hours

Zencrack creep 2

The profile of the internal embedded defect

Zencrack creep 4

Ct integral time history for crack front position with highest final Ct


Analysis Types

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