What's New in Zencrack?

Zencrack 7.5-8

Zencrack version 7.5-8 was finalised on 28 February 2008

This version introduces a license manager option to allow licensing across a network. This gives greater control to users in terms of their choice of machine for Zencrack execution and also allows greater flexibility for multiple users at a site. The previous nodelocked capability is still available for customers who prefer that option.

The network licensing uses the Reprise License Manager and requires installation of a license server on a specified machine. The Zencrack program may be installed and executed on any computer that has access to the license server across a network. At run-time the Zencrack job attempts to check out license tokens from the license server and the job runs provided that tokens are available. One token is required to execute a Zencrack Standard job. Three tokens are required to execute a Zencrack Professional job. If insufficient tokens are available because another job is running, the job can be queued until tokens are available.

The license server capability is available for server and client installation on Windows x86-32, Windows x86-64 or Linux x86-64.

In order to provide the license server functionality support for Compaq Fortran on Windows x86-32 platforms is no longer available.