Bug List

Unresolved Issues

A summary of known issues that are unresolved in the latest release version.

Analysis bugs

ZENCR550 - Duplicate surface element updates can cause remeshing jobs to fail (Ansys interface).

ZENCR549 - Certain strings in the jobname cause f.e. execution to fail (Abaqus and Ansys interfaces).

ZENCR440 - Possible format issue in the table summarising the results of a maximum or minimum energy release rate search.

GUI Bugs

ZENCR551 - Any GUI .ini file [COLOURS] entries that set a single colour value are not applied.

Documentation Bugs




Finite Element Interface Issues

Some issues arise as a result of changes in the interfaced f.e. code versions that are released after a Zencrack release. These are not classed as bugs and can be found on the appropriate finite element interface support pages via the links given below.

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Finite element interface support including issues not categorised as bugs