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What's New in Zencrack?

Zencrack GUI, first beta release (1.2c)

Zencrack GUI version 1.2c was finalised on 12 March 2013

Release 1.2-c is the first beta release of the Zencrack GUI.

Zencrack GUI

The Zencrack GUI allows users to create and maintain Zencrack input files (ZCR) by extraction of data from a model. This enables a visual confirmation that data are correct. All node and element data required in the zcr file can be defined by direct picking from a model e.g. crack-block location and orientation, elements in the relaxation region etc. Other types of input data can be entered via screens or as keyword and associated data lines in text format.

Features of this version of the GUI include:

  • Import of the uncracked Abaqus or Ansys mesh for an analysis.
  • Selection of all node and element data for the Zencrack input file by "picking" from the mesh.
  • Full support for all Zencrack keywords (i.e. complete input files may be created and maintained).

Three screenshots are shown highlighting features in version 1.2-c of the GUI.

Crack-blocker picker (Crack definition tab)
Crack-blocker picker (Crack definition tab)

Selection of display attributes
Selection of display attributes

Relax data picking - elements
Relax data picking - elements