What's New in Zencrack?

Zencrack 7.8-4

Zencrack version 7.8-4 was finalised on 1 June 2013


Program version 7.8-4 contains a small number of enhancements, the first one listed below allowing compatibility with the "Run Zencrack" option in the Zencrack GUI beta release 1.2-d.

  • The command line -f parameter has new values "mesh" and "full" (in addition to "check" and "input"). The mesh, check and full options are consistent with the possible values of the FE parameter on keyword *OPTIONS. The value "check" is not valid for Ansys and is converted to "full".
  • Before creating a cracked mesh Zencrack checks for inside-out elements and issues a warning in the .rep file if any are found. An element set ZCR_PROBLEMS is now created in the cracked mesh containing any such elements.
  • During temperature interpolation a node which falls outside the boundary of the uncracked mesh (subject to a small tolerance) may cause an error message "***ERROR 4125 - Cannot interpolate temperature at node <>". This condition is now changed to issue a warning in the .rep file and the temperature for the node is interpolated using the nearest element.

Ansys interface

Ansys stops with an error if a command line option is repeated. Previously the use of OPTIONS_ANSYS in the runzcr78 file and the -fe command line option was only checked for duplicate -np parameters. Duplicate -p parameters are now detected. Other duplicate parameters will still cause an Ansys error.