What's New in Zencrack?

Zencrack 7.8-3

Zencrack version 7.8-3 was finalised on 12 March 2013

This release includes some changes for detailed integration output and additional support within the Ansys interface.


  • The empirical Wheeler retardation model is a new option on the *RETARDATION keyword.
  • The detailed integration output in the .bk2 file includes a new column, retardation, containing a value of 0 or 1 to indicate whether or not retardation is taking place (0=no, 1=yes). To obtain full benefit of this column, the *OUTPUT, TYPE=INTEGRATION request for .bk2 files should include RETARDATION PHASE=YES.
  • A new parameter DELIMITER=comma/tab on *OUTPUT,TYPE=INTEGRATION defines the type of delimiter character used in .bk1 and .bk2 files. The default is a tab character (which differs from previous releases which used a comma).
  • There are performance improvements in the temperature interpolation routines.


  • The installation process has been updated and now offers the option of creating an uninstaller. For Windows, there are options to create entries in the Start Menu and a desktop shortcut.
  • For Windows installations there are no longer any files placed in the Windows system32 folder.

Ansys interface

  • Ansys thermal surface element type 152 is now processed for updates in the crack region in the same way as the equivalent structural surface element 154.
  • Ansys thermal element types 287 and 289 are added to the list of element types recognised by Zencrack as suitable for replacement by crack-blocks.
  • The handling of the Ansys ETCHG,TTS option is improved to allow more general use of a single input file in which a thermal analysis converts to a structural analysis.
  • Ansys has historically had restrictions on the way that 8 and 20 noded elements can be degenerated - only certain collapsed patterns being allowed. In Ansys 14.0 these restrictions have been removed. The prevention of the use of certain crack-blocks with Ansys which existed up to version 7.8-2 is is removed in version 7.8-3 if Ansys version 14.0 or later is being used (i.e. from Zencrack 7.8-3 onwards, it is possible to use all crack-blocks provided that Ansys 14.0 or later is being used). The previous restrictions on some crack-blocks still apply in version 7.8-3 if using Ansys 13 (or earlier).