What's New in Zencrack?

Zencrack 9.0-1, update 1

Version 9.0-1 was updated on 1 March 2022

This update includes some changes related to the GUI and the remeshing process:

  • Improve remeshing performance for large models and models with multiple disconnected regions.
  • Improve the mesh import process to reduce time to first render of the mesh.
  • Improve rendering of meshes which have brick elements with collapsed faces connected to tet elements.
  • The FIRST ELEMENT and FIRST NODE parameters on keyword *MAPPING are enabled as additional offsets to apply to the remeshing numbering (for the initial cracked mesh only).
  • Correction to an issue that may have caused a traceback during remeshing if creation of the remesh region returned an error.
  • Correction to an issue that may have prevented creation of sets for collapsed elements when importing large Abaqus meshes.
  • Change to the legend creation for colour-by-material and colour-by-region options to prevent traceback if there are more than 20 legend entries.
  • Change to the refreshing of .bk file results data to prevent a possible traceback.
  • Input screen for remesh region element types updated to remove an invalid element type from the list.

The main executable versions reported in this update are:

  • Zencrack 9.0-1, build 20-JAN-2022
  • Zencrack GUI 9.0-a, build 01/03/22, id 14:40