What's New in Zencrack?

Zencrack 9.0-1, update 2

Version 9.0-1 was updated on 7 March 2022

This update includes some changes in the main Zencrack executable and the GUI:

  • The FIRST ELEMENT and FIRST NODE parameters on keyword *MAPPING are enabled as additional offsets to apply to the remeshing numbering for steps 2 onwards in a crack growth analysis.
  • A possible adjustment for the end 2 node of the crack front during non-planar remeshing was not always being applied correctly and is now fixed.

The main executable versions reported in this update are:

  • Zencrack 9.0-1, build 07-MAR-2022
  • Zencrack GUI 9.0-a, build 04/03/22, id 16:55