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Zencrack GUI - overview

The Zencrack GUI is an application which helps in the tasks of creating and reviewing a Zencrack analysis. The GUI is independent of the interfaced finite element code and therefore provides the same level of capability to Abaqus, Ansys and Simcenter Nastran users. The GUI has the following main capabilities:

  • Create all input data for a Zencrack analysis
    • node and element data is obtained by direct picking of nodes and elements from the uncracked mesh
    • other data is input via dedicated screens
    • continuous update of warnings and errors for missing or invalid data
  • Import multiple Abaqus, Ansys or Simcenter Nastran meshes (uncracked or cracked models)
  • Read and modify an existing Zencrack input file - visually verify aspects of the data such as the initial crack definition
  • Define elements sets and save them in the Zencrack input file
  • Preview a cracked mesh by viewing the initial cracked mesh alongside the uncracked mesh
  • Submit a full Zencrack analysis
  • Import and review analysis results:
    • plot one or more sets of crack growth profiles and crack surfaces (alone or superimposed on a cracked or uncracked mesh)
    • create XY plots showing results of one or more Zencrack analyses

The annotated videos below give examples of the GUI being used to generate a Zencrack input file, run an analysis and import results for profile visualisation and xy plotting. Further information is available on separate pages for using the GUI for pre-processing and post-processing.

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