Zencrack GUI

Running Zencrack

The Zencrack GUI has two options for running Zencrack:

  • The 'Preview cracked mesh' option generates the initial cracked mesh defined by the input data and imports it for viewing alongside the uncracked mesh. No finite element analyses are carried out when this option is used.
  • The 'Full analysis' option submits a full Zencrack run.

The Run Zencrack screen has two sections - the top part controls the execution of Zencrack and the bottom part controls the execution of f.e. analyses submitted by Zencrack. After using the 'Preview cracked mesh' option a second viewport is automatically opened and the cracked mesh is imported into it, as shown in the example below.

Run Zencrack (screen shown for "Full analysis" option)
Imported cracked mesh below the uncracked mesh following use of the "Preview cracked mesh" option


Zencrack GUI

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