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Material & crack growth data - overview

Typical basic material data as a function of temperature

Zencrack provides a variety of options for input of material and crack growth data. This includes temperature dependency and, for fatigue crack growth, dependency on stress ratio.

The basic material data that can be input in the Zencrack input file are values for Young's modulus and Poisson ratio. These are used to convert between stress intensity factors and energy release rates. In addition, plane strain and plane stress fracture toughness can be provided along with yield stress. The fracture toughness values are used to determine failure and the yield stress is used if retardation modelling is activated. All of these materials properties may be temperature dependent. The temperature for each crack front node is extracted from the finite element analysis and used in lookups into the material data.

Additional temperature dependent data, not directly relevant to Zencrack, may be included in the finite element model. For example, temperature dependent thermal expansion coefficient in a stress analysis or film coefficients in a heat transfer analysis.

For a crack growth analysis the additional crack growth data can be as simple or complex as is available or required for the analysis being carried out. Separate options deal with fatigue and time dependent data.

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